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Entwined -Three Weavers

A Common Approach

We are three weavers of Wearable Art and At Home Textiles:  Mary Mandarino, Fran Osten and Suzanne Rothstein, who have chosen fiber as our medium and proudly also see ourselves as continuing a long tradition of the craft of weaving.  Our work has been impacted by the use of technology in the design process allowing us to design and weave work earlier generations of weavers couldn’t imagine. 

While we weave in our respective studios in Boston MA, Gloucester MA and Newbury NH, we have been showing our work together for the past 20 years.  Our collaboration has inspired much ongoing cross-fertilization of ideas, materials and use of color.  Our common design inspiration is the world of nature around us; the New England landscape with its mountains, lakes and ocean vistas. 

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