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Our Process

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We are often asked, “How long did it take you to weave that”.    Our process begins well before we actually do the weaving!


We find there are many possible starting points for a new weaving; a specific purpose perhaps or an image of  a particular place and time.  We take inspiration from the spectacular New England landscapes around us, from our travels, and from colorful art work or photos.   Many variables go into bringing that initial concept to a finished piece.  Color, texture, thickness, fiber, weave structure and intended use all play a part. 

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Color is a primary variable in our work.  What sets our process apart is that we hand-paint many of the yarns we use.  Starting with cones of white silk, cotton, Tencel or rayon yarn, we wind groups of  threads the same length which will become the warp (vertical threads) .   These  threads are then painted with dyes. This allows us to either achieve wonderful contrasts in differing areas of a piece or subtle variations in color when more subdued variation is desired.  Often these threads are then mixed with warp threads of commercially dyed yarns for further blending or contrast.  Each piece is therefore, one of a kind.


These threads are then wound onto the loom and threaded in a pattern which is either traditional or one we have designed ourselves.  Computers facilitate devising complex designs to make optimal use of the painted threads and are an integral part of our process.  These warp threads are then put under tension and weaving can finally begin! 

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